So What's Employee Ownership?

Joining the business, our employees are what we call Employee Stakeholders, and we all share a commitment to our work and the business, which we are all able share the rewards of from the business’ success.

This impacts everything, from how we develop and manufacture our products, to how we support our stakeholders to create leaders within the company. Sharing both the responsibilities and the rewards.

2014 was a big year for us, as this is when we became 100% employee-owned, having started our journey of employee ownership a number of years before. We’re a proud member of the Employee Ownership Association and (drum roll) are chuffed with winning the Employee-Owned Business of the Year Award 2019 for our dedication and commitment to empowering employees.

Employee Ownership also means we have a lower risk of a buy-out from venture capitalists or from a competitor, which, in turn, means we can focus on creating a stable long-term future for you and the business.